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Located On The PRISTINE Naknek River

For the best in do it yourself or guided fishing, visit Rainbow Bend Lodges in remote SW Alaska.

Located on the PRISTINE Naknek River, Rainbow Bend Lodges is less than a mile from the rapids and seven miles from the mouth of the Naknek Lake. Jet Service can be scheduled from any major city in the world to King Salmon, Alaska – where your Alaska fishing and bear viewing adventure begins.

Naknek River

naknek river location
naknek river location

Naknek River empties into Bristol Bay supporting world-reknowned spawing of all five species of Pacific Salmon- King, Sockeye, Silver, Chum and Pink- as well as Rainbow Trout, Artic Char, Grayling, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout. Rainbows thrive in the head waters of Naknek.

Naknek Lake

naknek lake location

Found in Katmai National Park, the lake drains west into Bristol Bay through the Naknek River. The lake is famous for its sport fishing with epic views of the Katmai Mountains where brown bears may be viewed catching salmon while standing in a waterfall.

King Salmon, Alaska area…

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